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2023 Tournaments: NITRO Performance Fishing Boats REWARDS !

Bass Pro Shops and White River Marine (parent companies of Nitro Boats, Ranger, and Triton) have announced a new enhanced tournament contingency program .
Their payouts will be the highest in the market…..
$50,000.00 to the Bass opens and the MLFToyota Series anglers of the year.
$8,000.00 for winning one of the 260 approved tournaments.
Check out: for eligibility and how to sign up !
You can also check on the Ranger and Triton websites for information…..
RANGER BOATS Website Link:
Ranger Premium Fishing Boats and Pontoons (
RANGER BOATS Rewards Website Link:
 Ranger Cup Tournament Rewards Program (
TRITON BOATS Website Link:
Triton Fiberglass Fishing Boats (
TRITON BOATS Rewards Website Link:
Triton Gold Rewards Program (
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